Let me show you the scriptures that back up this covenant of our living till at least 94 years.

– Psalm 91:16
– Isaiah 65:19-22
– Genesis 25:8
– Numbers 33:39
– Psalm 92:12-15

We are not to take these for granted. But the KNOWLEDGE of this covenant and the fact that in FHIM we actually skinned this covenant with God goes a very long way in separating us from other ministries who didn’t take this DELIBERATE action.

Let me tell you how.

How many of us were in church when our sister Gift shared a testimony of how she survived death when they told her point blank she would die? She said she remembered this covenant and refused to die! Same with sister darling. When she faced death. And many others have shared testimonies here recalling their escapes based on this covenant.

Some who don’t have this covenant would have easily given in to death when faced with such situations.

So this knowledge is good for us.

However, we need to know that every covenant has two parts to it: The Token and The instructions to follow.

The tokens are usually sacrificial in nature more or less represented by blood to activate the covenant.
The instructions are less sacrificial but are set of rules to follow to enjoy the covenant blessings.

E.g Ephesians 6:2-3

Is this clear?

What does The Lord require of us?
– Deuteronomy 4:40
– Micah 6:8

There are rules to be followed

Eg Job who instructed his eyes not to dwell on a maid. Samson was not to drink strong drink. Jonah was to go to Nineveh. Etc. instructions!

Every action has a consequence. When u choose an action you choose the consequence.

That we are under the covenant of longevity does not permit reckless behaviour or reckless living.

– Nobody is permitted for example, to pack into a house not dedicated or start building a house we didn’t pray on the foundation first.
– Nobody is permitted to pick any spouse and marry without our sanction and rules. Or sleep with the spouse or opposite sex you are not married to.
– Nobody is permitted to just travel anyhow and anywhere without permission or prayer cover.
– Nobody should engage in unnecessary fight for inheritance without us judging the case first and giving instructions on what to do.
– We are not to be careless with our health or go against medical advice in the name of faith.
– Whatever dreams or concerns anyone has that is adverse should be brought immediately to our knowledge. And I must be informed within 24 hours.
– We r to also keep the law of tithing which REBUKES DEVOURER and keeps sicknesses away.

I skinned the covenant of longevity with our God and I am paying the required token. That’s btw me and Him. But I did it on behalf of all of us – young and old under this commission. However, you all have to live by the rules of God and by instructions that we give from the pulpit.

2 Chronicles 20:20

Moses had to read the instructions to the children to partake of the exemption during the Passover.

But whoever breaks the rule breaks the edge and the serpent will bite. That person is on his or her own. God is still faithful to His covenant. Ecclesiastes 10:8

Let us read 2 Chronicles 21:1-end.

Exodus 19:5

All thru the journey from Egypt through the wilderness, God was dishing out instructions thru moses. Why do this when He is God and He could still protect and deliver them anyway even if they refused to follow instructions? God does not operate that way. He operates by Instructions. Eg Exodus 14:2.

Concerning the Passover in Exodus 12, verses 1-12 are the instructions to follow and verse 13 shows the token of the covenant – the blood on the lintel.

On your behalf and my behalf, I have paid and still paying the token, your own is to follow the instructions. Finish.

May God release the grace for obedience upon us.

Let us pray.

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