GREATER WORKS………Pst Folami Fawehinmi

What did John say in Matthew 3:11?

What did Jesus say in confirmation of what John said in Luke 12:49?

Friends, we become living dead without fire!!!!

Receive that fire NOW!!!!


If Jesus could talk like this, I wonder what else we are to do that He did not do.- he healed, delivered, supplied, blessed, cursed, brought money out of the fish mouth, raised the dead……

The revelation I got from that statement is that WHATEVER YOU CAN IMAGINE AS DONE beyond what Jesus did shall be done.

For example, you can actually command physical mountain on your land to vanish and it will happen!

So, this greater works will be hinged on how far u can imagine, envision or dream. These are the language of the spirit.

The story of Elisha that took over from Elijah and did greater works and greater miracles. 2 Kings 2:1-10

The story of Paul that did greater works than Peter…..

The story of David that did greater works than Saul…..

The glory of the latter house shall surpass the former…..

This is what the new anointing shall usher FHIM into…..

Zechariah 2:1-5

Tell your neighbour -get ready for this great move of the Holy Spirit.

Unprecedented in our days.

A replica of Joel 2:3-11.

God spoke to my heart strongly that soon and very soon the fortification of men shall begin to fail them. Their gods and deities and juju that they trusted shall begin to fail them massively.

Their ONLY hope will be Jesus Christ. For in the day of His power His people shall be willing.

And FHIM shall be the recipient and beneficiaries of this great harvest of souls.

I nfact, God showed me a vision of FHIM using a low altitude helicopter or drone to preach to the people because of the MULTITUDE jam pack on the roads and venues of our programmes and meetings.

That is why the generals are retiring now to pave way for our emergence.


I cannot wait. What about you?

It will be heaven on earth.

Now hear this: this new anointing coming upon us as a people and ministry will make you active. It is not for sitting down.

Watch this: Acts 10:38

When it landed on Jesus he couldn’t contain it sitting! No sir!

The anointing propelled him…..He WENT ABOUT…..doing good…..preaching, healing, delivering and raising the dead.

Let that dimension of anointing …..yea greater dimension fall on you now!

On your streets, in your communities, in your place of work or businesses every where you go or you are, you become a mobile church…….healing the sick, raising the dead and deadly blows upon the enemies.

It will be an awesome re-awakening like never. Get ready!

Your shadows shall heal.

Your voice shall heal.

Your presence shall heal.

Your breath shall heal.

Get ready!!!

Soon all the great works you have heard of or seen shall pale into insignificance in the light of what God will be doing thru us at FHIM.

Get ready! Clean your vessels. Make your body, soul and spirit habitable for the Holy Spirit and crave his power and anointing and watch what happens next.

Shall we pray?

Father, I am ready to manifest this new anointing. Release grace upon me now, to step out of my cocoon of timidity, fear and inertia. Pray!

Receive the fire of the Holy Ghost now!

Let it burn!!!!

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