MY LAZARUS MUST COME FORTH!!!! – Pst Folami Fawehinmi

John 11:38-45

We are going to be praying very extensively that our Lazarus must come forth.

Let us look at what Lazarus represents and that will help us to appreciate how to pray.

1. Lazarus was the only male child in his family. That was significant to perpetuate the name of the family or the family patrimony.
2. Lazarus represented the strength of the family.
3. Lazarus was the beloved of The Lord Jesus. Jesus wept for him too.
4. Lazarus represented a glowing destiny. He was a great disciple of Jesus.

Now, imagine all these great virtues dying….

Imagine your Lazarus dead and stinking!

Some lives are undesirable now, bc your Lazarus – your quintessential part, is dead and stinking!

Remember, this Lazarus is your quintessential part.

It is what makes you who you are.

It is your glory.

It is your strength.

Your glowing destiny.

What will you do if you have the opportunity to raise this your dead Lazarus?

The coming back of Lazarus was very significant to the fame of Jesus. Those who didn’t believe now believed. Vr 45.

Lazarus’ resurrection was the greatest miracle recorded by jesus.

If you can pray that your Lazarus should resurrect, then your greatest miracle is ahead of you, not behind you.

We r going to pray now.

Remember, even Jesus had to cry with a loud voice before Lazarus could come forth.

You will do no less to bring forth your Lazarus.

Are we ready to pray now?

A song….Miracle worker, miracle worker,
Come and do ur miracle,
miracle today….

Destiny changer, destiny changer,
Come and change my
destiny today….

1. I command the stone rolled over my destiny, shutting my glowing destiny in to be removed now by the resurrection power of The Lord Jesus Christ.

2. My Father, my father. Let that which hinders me from greatness begin to give way now, in the name of Jesus.

3. My father, let all my imprisoned potential and buried glories, come forth now by fire, in Jesus name!

4. Oh God, oh God, let every negative transaction, currently affecting my life negatively be cancelled and nullified by the blood of Jesus

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