The atmosphere of faith – Pastor Folami Fawehinmi

For a plant to grow well, it requires a conducive and convivial atmosphere – good air, good rain, good sunlight, absence of weeds. Etc…

For faith to grow and become a colossus, there is an environment that makes it thrive.

Luke 17:1-5

The punch line there is vrs 5.

But there was a discussion up to that point.

So, faith will be choked in an atmosphere of hatred, offense and rancour.

But these are common things that have almost become norms. Hence, the exclamation by the apostles…..haaaa, lord increase our faith!

Clearly therefore, faith is stunted in this kind of atmosphere.

Hebrews 4:1-6; 5:1

Another toxic atmosphere for the growth of faith is an atmosphere riddled by unbelief.

Impediments to entering into God’s rest :
– hardening of heart
– not knowing His ways
– a wicked heart with wrong motives
– lack of reverence or Godly fear.

If belief is fundamental to Godly rest, then we must quit two major fuel of unbelief:
– worry – Matthew 6:25-33
– anxiety – Philippians 4:6

Having done these, then we should accept Jesus’ invitation – Matthew 11:28-30.

One very conducive atmosphere for faith to thrive is love – an atmosphere of love.

It stands to reason though, as the opposite of hatred is love.

Galatians 5:6

Yet another great atmosphere for thriving faith is joy – an atmosphere of joy and inspiration.

When your joy tank is ebbing or getting low. Re-fill it DELIBERATELY.

David has learnt how to do that masterfully. He rejoices in The Lord.

Let us pray that The Lord will help us to create the atmosphere for faith to thrive in our hearts and thus believe Him for anything.

Can we now exercise our faith on Psalm 2:8? For us individually and for FHIM .

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