Happy day, Happy day,
when jesus washed my sins away.
He taught me how,
To watch and pray,
And live rejoicing everyday,
Happy day, happy day,
When Jesus washed my sins away.

Jeeeeeeeeeesus, jeeeeeeeeeesus!
Your name is a miracle,
Your name is a comforter,
Your name is a mighty God,

At the mention of your name,
Every knee shall bow,
At the mention of your name,
Every tongue confess,
That you r God
You r king of kings,
You r lord,
You are lord of lords,…

Texts: Genesis 8:22
Ecclesiastes 11:6
Philippians 4:6

Today is Christmas and I wish you all a merry Christmas.

On a day like this, we are reminded of the power of giving.

And it is no coincidence at all that its our month of financial Favour and harvest.

We have been taught that the major CATALYST to PROSPERITY is GIVING.

God knew this as a fundamental principle that He practiced it first. He is a giving God. He prepared all we would need to thrive first before creating man.

He then went on to give us the GRANDEST gift of all – His ONLY begotten son Jesus Christ.

John 3:16 summarizes it.

The ONE reason Jesus was born was to come and DIE!

Isn’t it strange that a man was born to die?

But for a good reason: that we may be reconciled back to God.

And with that we can now have ACCESS to all things.

Romans 8:32

Today is reminiscent of what God did to humanity. He gave us Jesus to pay for our sins. If there is no Christmas, there will be no Easter!

He, God released jesus to humanity as a first fruit. So, that, He God can have many harvest from it,

God is a great giver. And we can rest in Him to give us all things. 2 Peter 1:3.

His son Jesus came also to teach us how to be great givers like His father.

Jesus constantly urged us to give:
– he told us to give to all who ask – Luke 6:30
– he told us that freely we have received, freely we should give – Matthew 10:8
– he taught us to give the people food – Luke 9:13
– he taught “give and it shall be given unto you……” – Luke 6:38
– he urged us to give to the poor – Mark 14:7

He lived a lifestyle of giving – John 10:10

Why give?
1. Your gift will prosper you. Proverbs 17:8.
2. Your gift will position you before great men. Proverbs 18:16
3. Your gifts will bring you friends. Proverbs 19:6
4. Your gift will stop anger that is focused against you. Proverbs 21:14.

Let me round up on this note:



Its not too late now to start giving tithe, Firstfruits, vow, pledges. Offerings. Gifts to the poor and Freewill offerings.

Let us pray.

O God baptize me with a giving grace that will help me create my enviable future.

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