JUST LET THAT HAND REST ON YOU – Pastor Folami Fawehinmi

Lord, you are so good, blessed be your name,
In heaven you r The Lord,
On earth you reigneth forever,
Oh lord how great thou art,
Blessed be your name.

I need you, o I need you,
Every hour I need you,
Oh bless me now my saviour I come to thee….

Text : 1 Kings 18:41-46

Ask your neighbour: whose hand is upon you?

The hand that rests on you determines how far you go and what you become in life.

There are hands and there are hands. But if its the hand of God that rests on you. You are made.

Tell your neighbour – “Neighbour, just let that hand rest on you”

Tell 5 more people.

It is not a sin to want to become all that God has designed you to become. But the achievement of that goal or pursuit rests squarely on whose hand is resting on you.

The truth is that everyone has one hand or the other being laid on him. It is either for:
good or for bad, or
for speed or retardation, or
for breakthrough or breakdown, or
for progress or stagnation, or
for increase or decrease, or
for promotion or demotion,
for captivity or freedom, or
for failure or success, or
for trouble or peace.

The hand may be visible or invisible, but the manifestation shows which one has been laid upon you.

Hear me, a no of times. It is the manifestation that reveal which hand is resting on you.

When you look at your life, and you cannot really place a finger on notable achievement then know of a surety that you are operating under a cursed hand.

You are under tribute or a yoke.


Your life, after this meeting will SUDDENLY take a new turn.

There is someone here, you have never really been favored before. Nobody has looked at you to help, assist or carry your burden for you – you do all by yourself. Today is your day of delivery.

Come out if you are here.

Most places in scripture we hear the phrase “….the hand of The Lord was upon me…….” Eg Ezekiel 37:1 etc

See Jesus’ own in Isaiah 61:1. No wonder his exploits were unparalleled.

It’s ur turn.

Usually, when this happens it is usually for very spectacular events.

Be careful of the hand that rests on you.

Rev Awe’s story about that child that cried non- stop for seven days is rife here.

The hand that rests on you matters.

Some hands may not be demonic but they are unimpactful hands. They are neutral – neither cold nor hot. These are also not desirable hands.

I am not too interested in the effect of satanic hands laid on people that can lead to nothing good. Rather, I want to point to you the hand that you should pray and crave to rest on you.

Let us examine some hands that are good.

1. Moses’ hand upon Joshua – Deuteronomy 34:9. If moses’ hand upon Joshua produced such tremendous impact, how much more tremendous will God’s hand be upon you?
2. Jacob’s hand upon Ephraim and Manasseh – Genesis 48:13, 14, 17-19
3. Paul’s hand on Timothy.
4. Zerubabbel’s hands – Zechariah 4:9

Let us now look at the ULTIMATE hand that we need more than all.

The hand of God – At His right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11
– Psalm 63:8
– Acts 11:21
– Psalm 89:13
– Psalm 95:4
– Isaiah 41:19-20

In the hand of God, impossible becomes possible.
Little becomes much.
Reproach and shame turn to honour and fame.
Barrenness turns to fruitfulness.
Mourning turns to dancing.
Weeping turns to laughter.
Sorrow turns to joy.


Now let us come back to our text as I tie things up:
– 1 Kings 18:41-46


You haven’t seen SPEED yet. But you will soon see MYSTERIOUS SPEED – the one that baffles understanding and which cannot be explained.

It may seem so long and difficult in coming…..but it shall come anyways!

For he that will come will come. And he will not tarry.

Isaiah 35:4 – God is on the way to put things right. The MSG VERSION.

Let me stand in my office to repudiate whatever evil hand that has been guiding your destiny up till this point – making you a non- entity and misfit in the society.


Every hand that has made me to remain like this – a derision to my lineage. Catch fire now in jesus name!

Every evil hand limiting my horizon in life be roasted now by the fire of the Holy Spirit in jesus name!

Every evil embargo placed upon me causing me to remain stagnant in life, be destroyed now in jesus name!

From today, let the hand of God rest on me for good, for uncommon speed, for fruitfulness, for prosperity….in jesus name!

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