WATCH YOUR TONGUE! – Pst Folami Fawehinmi

O Lord, your tenderness
Melting all my bitterness
O Lord, I receive your love
O Lord, your loveliness
Changing all my ugliness
O Lord, I receive your love
O Lord, I receive your love
O Lord, I receive your love

This is our month of UNUSUAL FIRE RELEASE. But it is also an overlap with the study on faith and positive confessions..

The testimony of Rev Onyebolise abt how a car hit him….and the driver said what he saw crossing was a wheelbarrow!

You are going to pray O God, set ablaze every diabolic manipulation and instrument of the wicked against my life in Jesus name.

Text. James 3:1-12

Many many years ago, I preached two messages on the tongue. One, the tongue asset and the other the tongue trap.

Let me expantiate a Little on them. This is how it works.

As I minister this morning, let us keep this word in our heart – Psalm 19:14.

The Bible warns us severely to watch what we say. It says that it is not what goes inside a man that condemns him, but what comes out of a man. We are judged by what we say. We are ensnared too by what we say.

– Matthew 15:11
– Proverbs 6:2

The Bible says that the mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart. Not from the abundance of your head!

– Luke 6:45

So, any word you say comes from the reservoir of your heart.

That is why the Bible warns us not to say before an angel that it was an error!

– Ecclesiastes5:6

In the constitution of God, whatever you say you mean.

That is why you cannot  be careless with your word. The angels are ever at alert to carry out whatever you say – good or bad, positive or negative because they are the ministering spirits to the necessities of the saints.

That is why God deliberately designed our mouth to be one not two like almost all parts of our body! Eg two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two lungs, two kidneys, two hands, two legs etc.

Watch it, in the same token, God CANNOT also be careless with His word!

So, whatever written or spoken word of God is important. Take it seriously. It cannot fail.

Let me now make a slight detour before I start to round up.

Two entities are interested supremely in what you say. One, God and the other the devil.

Whenever you confess God’s word, the devil will fight that word so that it will not manifest. That is the major part of the trial of our faith. That was why Paul admonished Timothy to war a warfare with the prophecies that have gone ahead of him. Also in 1 Timothy 4:12-16.

On the other hand, when you speak boastful words that do not give God the glory, you become proud and God will resist you; because God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

– James 4:6

Nebuchadnezzar spoke haughtily and disdained God and God made him to become an animal eating grass.

Pharaoh dared God and he received very severe punishment.

There are other very notable examples in the Bible.

The other day, the bishop of a church boasted very loudly in front of his members that don’t they know that he is now a principality? That for over 35 years he has been in ministry, he has never had a backslider…..that even Jesus had a backslider – Judas!!!!

It was a week after he made that boast that God scattered his church. His principal pastor resigned and almost the whole congregation followed him to start a new church.

Every such boasts will draw God’s resistance.

Let us be careful.

Let us pray that God should set a watch over our mouth. Psalm 141:3.

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