Hebrews 12:16

Don’t be like Esau…

Traded destiny.

No matter what happens, don’t let go of your birthright.

Most of our great progenitors – great grandfathers, were stupendously rich. But by the time it gets to the time of our fathers, the inheritances would have dwindled or lost. So, how come this dwindling? Where did the problem occur?

Many of our fathers have mortgaged the future of their generation for terrestrial power, not celestial. And they r prepared to let go of their future for power.

We need to contend today for what belongs to you.

2 Kings 20:1-19

Hezekiah preferred to have peace in his days at the expense of his generation. Vr 19.

He used the 15 years to mortgage his posterity.

There is always a trading – either power/money or integrity. Which choice r you making?

Keys to recovering your birthright
1. Grow restless .
2. Take it to heaven’s court.
3. Be battle ready.

2 Chronicles 11:18 – 23. Rehoboam.

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