PRESENT YOURSELF FOR SEARCH! – Pastor Folami Fawehinmi


Song: You are holy,
Only you are holy….
Lamb of God….seated at the right hand of the father…

Holy is The Lord
Beside thee lord there is no one
Holy is The Lord..

Sia nma male

This topic may sound very unusual. I agree. But, it will be one of the most useful messages you have ever heard.

Are we ready?

Text: Psalm 139:1-end

David subjected himself to the scrutiny of God through the microscope of God’s word.

He cried ” search me o God…”

We need to go through this scanning every day to remain pure.

It also takes effort to remain pure.

It’s a battle.

How many of us have seen how the antivirus scans for virus in a computer? It’s a thorough process. It quarantines the virus to safeguard the un corrupted files and finally destroys the virus.

We need to each go through this scanning routinely, if not DAILY.

–  1 Corinthians 6:9-11.
– Ephesians 5:5
– Galatians 5:19-21

Job said ” I made a COVENANT  with my eyes not to think upon a maid” – Job 31:1


No sin is too small to be dealt with. No.

Let me share this Gbile Akanni’s message with you.

When he went for NYSC and they had a welcome party on camp and he refused to go but his Christian friend felt “it was just a welcome party” and went. When he got there, everybody was drinking beer and when he was offered beer he refused and asked for malt instead. While drinking the malt, a lady came to him and said how can a real man be drinking malt? Even me a lady can finish a bootle of Gulder. After some persuasion for the first time in his life, he drank a glass of beer. And that singular error took him away from Christ. He became ruined and wretched. Just a bottle of beer!

Hear this: “The ground the devil wins in your life TODAY is where he will pitch his tent TOMORROW” – Gbile Akanni.

There are some sins that are called “besetting sin”. –  Hebrews 12:1

In fact, the bible warns us to flee from every APPEARANCE of evil –
1 Thesasalonians 5:22

The God we serve is holy.

Bible enjoins us to be holy even as our Heavenly Father is holy
-1 Peter 1:15-17
– Leviticus 11:44

So, even in this sinful world, we can DETERMINE to be holy.

Jesus walked on this sinful earth yet without sin.

You too can make it. And you will make it.

It takes God’s glory to shield us from sin.

Receive that glory today

Come under the cocoon of God’s glory where sin cannot even approach you.

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